Delhi Pollution Control Committee

Government of NCT of Delhi

F-27/33 Category

F-27/33 Category

In accordance with the directions issued by the Nodal Agency, closure action is being taken against the following industries, in Group 'F' in the Master Plan, which are undisputedly polluting industries. No industry falling in these categories are allowed to operate in non-conforming areas.
1. Acids and Chemicals Small-Scale 2. Aluminum anodizing
3. Ancillary industries of the slaughter house 4. Auto electroplated accessories
5. Battery boxes 6. Batteries and accessories
7. Dyeing, bleaching, finishing processing cloth (including mercerizing calendaring glazing etc.) 8. Electroplating (large scale)
9. Enamel ware 10. Electroplating (large scale)
11. Galvanised buckets 12. Glass products
13. Grease, oil etc. 14. Reinforced cement concrete pipes (small scale)
15. Iron foundaries 16. Nickle polishing
17. Plastic products 18. Plastic dye
19. PVC compounds 20. Polythene bags
21. Refrigerators and air conditioners 22. Steel re-rolling mills (small scale)
23. Steel casting 24. Toilet soap
25. Vacuum flasks 26. Writing and making ink
27. Zinc polishing    

In pursuance of the directions of the Hon'ble Supreme Court in W.P. (Civil) No. 4677/85 in the case of M.C. Mehta Vs Union of India & others regarding shifting of industries from residential areas of Delhi, New Delhi dated 8th February, 2001, the Government of NCT of Delhi has identified 33 categories out of the 'F' category of the Master Plan Delhi - 2001 which are likely to use processes which are inherently polluting

Industries engaged in a manufacturing activity using processes of anodizing, casting and forging, coal fired boilers, dyeing, electroplating and pickling, will face closure action if found operating in non-conforming areas. they may be liable to face closure action. These processes, if used in the 33 categories listed below, have been classified as polluting by the Group of experts constituted by the Government of NCT of Delhi whose recommendations have been accepted by the Government of NCT of Delhi.

1. Automobile parts casting 2. Cotton ginning (large scale)
3. Durre and carpets (large scale) 4. Expanded metal Mfrs.
5. Manufacturing of foam 6. Iron hammers Mfrs.
7. Lathe machine manufactured 8. Large Scale Saw Mills
9. Textile mills 10. Veneer of plywood
11. Manufacturer of X-ray Machines 12. Automobile leaf springs where the units use heat treatment process
13. Centrifugal Pumps and small turbines where the Mfr. units use forging/casting/ electroplating operation. 14. Electrical motors, transformers, generators where units use casting/enamelling operation.
15. >Fire Fighting Equipment excluding units which are only doing assembly work. 16. Fluorescent Lights Mfr. units using furnaces for melting glass
17. CI and malleable pipe fittings Mfr. using casting furnace 18. Hydraulic Press Mfr. using casting furnace
19. Iron pipes Mfr. using casting furnace 20. Paints and vanishes excluding manufacturing by mixing process
21. Rail coupling parts Mfr. with units using forging/casting operations 22. Rubber products Mfr. units involving vulcanizing/Boiler use
23. Electric fans Mfr. unit using casting operation 24. Small machine and machine tools Mfr. involving forging/casting
25. Sheet bending press manufacturing ivolving casting 26. Steel wire drawing involving pickling
27. Stone crusher parts manufacturing involving forging/casting 28. Scissors making units using forging process
29. Tractor parts manufacturing involving forging/casting 30. Large scale Flour Mills excluding Atta Chakki
31. Wire drawing, coating, electric cables if involving pickling and enameling 32. Water proof textile products Mfr. using dyeing, bleaching, finishing process including glazing
33. Tarpaulin and Tent cloth Mfr. using dyeing boiler etc.
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